Commit to Nonviolence #FightTribalism

What does it mean to #LiveORANS?
At its core it means being committed to nonviolence and fighting tribalism that divides and destroys collaboration. That is being Engaged, Centered, Grounded, and Clear - the ways to Quality Interaction.
Also being Generous, Humble, and Kind - the ways to Lasting Change.

These are the Seven Ways to Being Relational.

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  • Dialogue on Peace with Activist David Swanson

    July 11, 2017 – July 11, 2017 5200 N. Charles St. Map and Directions | Register Description: Surprisingly after 16 years of nonstop war, the Congress is now debating law to repeal the current Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and possibly resetting the status quo from perpetual war to peace. Join us for […]

  • Command Climate: U.S. Civil-Military Relations – Any Role for Congress?

    Civilian control of the Military has been a core value since the founding of the United States of America. This creates a healthy constitutional tension between the horizontal democracy of the government and the vertical structure of the military. The Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) recent Command Climate conference attempted to interrogate this dynamic called […]

  • O Say, Can’t We See? #RepealAUMF

    O Say, Can’t We See? O say, can’t we see? Are we blind because we want to be?   Yes, we’ve been lied to for so many years. Bigger and nastier weapons draw cheers. Meanwhile Vet families learn all about tears. War’s just big business that plays on our fears.   And what about all […]

  • Police Acting Like Soldiers – No-Knock Is No Good

    A recent article in the New York Times begins with the following recount of a drug raid in a small Appalachian town: “At 2:15 on a moonless night in May 2014, 10 officers rolled up a driveway in an armored Humvee, three of them poised to leap off the running boards. They carried Colt submachine […]

  • How Much War Power Should We Give to This President? #RepealAUMF

     ORANS asks – Have we lost sight of how we arrived at this point in the history of our country where being “at war” is the norm, perpetual, and with no end in sight? Every American should listen to this Podcast to understand the power to make war that is now in the hands of […]

  • Combat Veterans – We Want to Hear From You!

    If you are a combat veteran, please take a moment to complete our brief poll.  Thank you in advance!

  • Baltimore Police: An Opportunity to Commit to Nonviolence- Let’s Do It!

    Baltimore City recently reached an agreement with the Department of Justice to reform the Baltimore City Police Department.  The decree comes after a yearlong civil rights investigation revealed “widespread racial bias, use of excessive force, repeated patterns of unconstitutional arrests and hostility towards women and LGBT civilians, as well as other civil rights violations.” Under […]

  • Commit to Nonviolence – The Essence of #LiveORANS

    From ORANS founder, William Senft : For 2017 and this Martin Luther King holiday, the message below from Pope Francis says everything that I hope and pray for. It also sums up what Louise and I wanted to bring forth in our book, Being Relational. I believe that a Christian approach to life and conflict, particularly as […]

  • Improving Your Interaction With A Friend Who Is Suffering

    It’s tricky talking with someone who you know who has just experienced a life-altering tragedy or loss.  They may have suddenly lost a family member or members, had a horrible accident, or found out they have a serious disease.  Coming to an interaction with someone who is suffering calls you to be relational.  You may […]

  • Share Information with Employees- Or They’ll Burn Bridges When They Retire!

    Have you ever disliked a job so much you’ve wanted to quit- in a BIG way? Have you ever wanted to shout out your issues from the rooftops in one dramatic, cathartic moment? Maybe? Maybe not? If you’re at all like Michael Stuban, a former employee of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, then you might just […]

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Relational Perspectives

Engaging is a deliberate act. It is an act of ease once practiced, but it is never habitual. It takes commitment to be engaged and live relationally.


The acknowledgment of another, pausing in your life to be fully with another even for a second, is such a simple act, yet it can take so much awareness and courage to do it.


What are your main sources of power? How do you use them?

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ORANS wants to change the world one interaction at a time. Millions of people are finding a way to solve problems and make progress through cooperation and dialogue, even with bitter enemies. ORANS celebrates brave men and women who use peaceful means to achieve lasting positive change. Find out how you can become part of the solution. We hope you will join us.


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