Sources for Relational Teachings and The Hope of Orans

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The Orans ways that we call Being Relational is a collection drawn from many sources, some familiar, some more obscure, that have come through twenty years of immersion in the study of conflict, the human experience of conflict, personal reactivity, and human interaction. We can’t claim that everything we offer is an original idea-–how could it be? We do believe we can share a unique collection with a unique focus–on what happens in human interaction. Elements of some very popular and widely respected teachings are part of being relational, from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits and Fisher and Ury’s Getting to Yes, to Bush and Folger’s The Promise of Mediation and the Old Testament Ten Commandments. There is much writing and thought about bits and pieces of what it means to be relational. We love so much of the wisdom about human relations that has been handed down through the years and we will celebrate it here at

Our goal is not to invent some radically new idea, but rather to provide a synthesis of many ideas already out there, to organize them into a comprehensive approach that you can draw upon and use, check in on and grow into, as a way of being in relation to others–something akin to Ignatian Spirituality of Catholic Jesuits and the Buddha Dharma-–but focused exclusively on how you interact with others and how who you are affects how you interact.

Our hope is that the relational ways we offer will make you and those you interact with happier, healthier, and more content-–because of the quality of the interactions you have and the impact your way of being has on you and on others. Our belief is that through widespread adoption of relational ways, together we can increase well-being and create lasting positive change for ourselves, for our families, and for our planet.

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