How Much War Power Should We Give to This President? #RepealAUMF

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 ORANS asks – Have we lost sight of how we arrived at this point in the history of our country where being “at war” is the norm, perpetual, and with no end in sight?

Every American should listen to this Podcast to understand the power to make war that is now in the hands of DJT. Congress has completely abdicated its Constitutional role under Article I – shame on them. Really!

Also let’s not forget that DJT is trying to use big increases in federal budget military spending in an attempt to win over the entire military industrial complex and make them part of his political support base. Isn’t that what dictators do?

And, if DJT is backed into a corner politically with the Russia scandal etc, does anyone doubt that he would find an excuse to engage in a major military action to “unite Americans in support of the President?” No, this is not just an episode of House of Cards! I know that all of us may have closer and more pressing personal issues to attend to, but let’s not lose our perspective on what is going on at the top levels of our government when it comes to the military

Let’s also hope our friends in the military won’t sell their souls to him just to make money and gain power, but, will we be surprised if they do? Would we reasonably expect anyone in the Pentagon stand up and say, “We don’t need more money, troops, and weapons systems” ??

#RepealAUMF Commit to #Nonviolence



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