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Being Generous is risky, we know that.
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Thanks for considering a donation to Orans. We are a tax exempt non-profit so any donation that you make is tax deductible. If you are donating, hopefully you have also Volunteered. If not we encourage you to!

We especially want to thank you if you are giving "in the first instance," giving now without waiting to make sure that your gift will not take needed resources away from you, without waiting to see what you might get in return, without waiting to make sure your gift will be appreciated, used well, and that ORANS is worthy of your generosity. We hope it feels good to give now without waiting. It might inspire others to do the same. It might create a positive wave of change.

You could make a difference with your generosity in the first instance. That is the ORANS way of Being Generous. Your donation will help fund exciting events that will connect you to others and to your community and support the creation of crucial curricula that aims to help high school students learn the ways to quality interaction as they become more independent, and much more!