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Be a Relational Leader
Volunteer to Start Speaking Up, Spreading the Word, Teaching Children and Adults About Being Relational and Supporting Those Who #LiveORANS

Become an ORANS Volunteer and you will embark on an adventure that promises to enrich your life and improve your relationships and dealings with others in every aspect of your life, every day. Here is information for you that we hope will answer some basic questions.

How can I get involved?
Just let us know what you like to do and we will help you become a part of our team. We need all kinds of people with all kinds of talents. There are no fees or dues to Join ORANS. If you want to make a donation, we are thrilled about that. ORANS is a non-profit tax-exempt entity, and you can take a tax deduction for your donation.

Also, ORANS is not a political or religious organization, though we strongly advocate for a relational approach to interaction on political, religious, and spiritual ideas - always engaged, centered, grounded and clear.

Nothing is required of you if you Join ORANS. You can be as involved or as distanced from the action as you want. Sit back and enjoy the ride, or jump into the driver’s seat- whatever works with your style!

How will it enrich my life?
We want to bring you relational messages that will enrich your life and the life of those around you. If you Join ORANS, we will bring you the world of relational content. You don’t need to go combing through the internet to find stories and images that you love, because we have already found them for you! You can volunteer to be part of that effort if you want to help out.

Our events are designed to help you grow and to allow that growth to positively affect others! You will gain a deeper understanding of how being relational can improve your interactions on a practical, daily basis, and help others to gain that understanding as well.

What can I expect from ORANS?
ORANS will post stories and messages for you to regularly enjoy on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our Instagram, and our website. We will also pull together a couple of our favorite stories, as well as information regarding events, developments, and involvement in our regular email updates that will keep you in the loop about what’s been going on and what’s coming up. We need help with creating and posting all of that content so if you want to volunteer to help with that, please step forward and say, "I'm ready to get involved!"

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With those who do you wrong, take the more difficult path of engagement, educate them about how to build trust, show them you care about bringing them back into your trust.


It just takes one person to make a different choice, after an injury has occurred. It only takes one, perhaps you, strong enough to invite dialogue.


Time pressure is the enemy of caring. Most of it is only in your mind. Stay grounded and try not to let your thoughts about time scarcity drive your actions.


Ways to Participate in ORANS

Below are a few of the many ways you can take action to make a difference today, to be relational and invite others to be relational too.

Join ORANS by

Volunteering to spread the word about ORANS and inviting others to Be Relational.

Join ORANS by

Taking good care of yourself, avoiding excess, so that you can be engaged when you are with other people.

Join ORANS by

Waking up from your slumber, putting away the phone, and offering a smile when you see someone.