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Sharing with you a relational view on the issues and events in our world. Unlike most media, we don't seek to sensationalize, emphasize conflict, express outrage, cheaply entertain, titillate, prey on misfortune, highlight individual failures, or use manipulative rhetoric, and we won't just do anything to get a laugh. We want to inspire, celebrate, constructively comment, and invite dialogue focusing on the ways of being relational and the things people are doing and saying that are or are not relational. We want to change the world, one interaction at a time.
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Effects of the Raid in Yemen: Commiting to Nonviolent National Security

ORANS   February 10, 2017

As the situation in Yemen unfolds and more information comes out, it is clear – Killing the family of “bad guys” just to “collect intelligence” is immoral. We need to Commit to #Nonviolence. How can we justify this kind of action when there are countless other ways to gather intelligence and thwart terrorists? Just because we [...]

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Baltimore Police: An Opportunity to Commit to Nonviolence- Let’s Do It!

ORANS   January 25, 2017

Baltimore City recently reached an agreement with the Department of Justice to reform the Baltimore City Police Department.  The decree comes after a yearlong civil rights investigation revealed “widespread racial bias, use of excessive force, repeated patterns of unconstitutional arrests and hostility towards women and LGBT civilians, as well as other civil rights violations.” Under [...]


Commit to Nonviolence – The Essence of #LiveORANS

ORANS   January 16, 2017

From ORANS founder, William Senft : For 2017 and this Martin Luther King holiday, the message below from Pope Francis says everything that I hope and pray for. It also sums up what Louise and I wanted to bring forth in our book, Being Relational. I believe that a Christian approach to life and conflict, particularly as [...]

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Spread the Love!

ORANS   January 6, 2017

Being clear might be boiled down to the old adage, “Honesty is the best policy,” but is it really that simple? It’s all about transparency. When you’re clear about who you are, you’ll find that your interactions with others will improve! Read more about one woman’s experience with being clear here!


Improving Your Interaction With A Friend Who Is Suffering

ORANS   December 28, 2016

It’s tricky talking with someone who you know who has just experienced a life-altering tragedy or loss.  They may have suddenly lost a family member or members, had a horrible accident, or found out they have a serious disease.  Coming to an interaction with someone who is suffering calls you to be relational.  You may [...]