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Our belief is that through widespread adoption of relational ways, together we can increase well-being and create lasting positive change for ourselves, for our families, and for our planet.

What is the ORANS Community?

The ORANS community shares a worldview that all of humanity is connected and that we can't help ourselves if we harm or ignore others.
We are change agents from all races, religions, genders, and nations.
We don't bother with labels so we don't care what you look like, where your from, who you love or what you worship - so long as you have a desire to be relational in the way you live and you want to be part of spreading this peaceful and loving approach around the world.

The ORANS Community Interacts Relationally

As part of the ORANS Community, you are strong and brave, and you don’t use your power to hurt others. In being clear, you are honest--in a gentle way. You are also not soft or a push-over. You don’t crumble and cave in. You find a middle way of being that is good for both you and others. That way is gentle. The Seven Ways of Being Relational are your how-to guide for that middle way. They create a bridge to something new in the interaction that did not exist before.

Why Join the ORANS community?

By Joining the ORANS community you will become a part of a network of people interested in promoting general well-being and changing the world, one interaction at a time. As a member of the ORANS community you’ll have the opportunity to participate in exciting events that will connect you to others and to your community, to challenge yourself with our ORANS challenges, to support the creation of crucial curricula that aims to help high school students learn the ways to quality interaction as they become more independent, and much more!

I’m digging it! How can I help to spread the message?

We’re all about bringing our message to as many people as possible, so sharing is encouraged! Some ways to spread the Being Relational message are:

Volunteer and Use Your Energy to Create Better Outcomes

Follow us! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (links below)

Invite your friends to follow us!

Share our blog posts

Share a relational article or photo and #liveORANS

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Come to one of our ORANS events

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Buy the book

Tell others about Being Relational and What it Means to You

#LiveORANS every day!

Ways to Participate in ORANS

Below are a few of the many ways you can take action to make a difference today, to be relational and invite others to be relational too.

Join ORANS By:

Volunteering to spread the word about Orans and inviting others to Be Relational.

Join ORANS By:

Taking good care of yourself, avoiding excess, so that you can be engaged when you are with other people.

Join ORANS By:

Waking up from your slumber, putting away the phone, and offering a smile when you see someone.

Share Your ORANS Moments

Post on Facebook when you feel the relational vibe. #LiveORANS


"Orans" is an open posture symbolizing vulnerability, receptiveness, tranquility, and blessing. By practicing the behaviors and attitudes that encompass what it means to BE RELATIONAL, we can transcend differences and beliefs to create unity under a common desire for peace and mutual well-being. www.joinorans.org #LiveORANS #BeRelational
ORANS8 months ago
Use this link to let Congress know that they will lose your re-election vote unless they vote for this bill to #RepealAUMF
ORANS9 months ago
Pope Francis gave a surprise TED Talk. Here are the three key lessons. https://t.co/uiicnnKBxp #TED2017 #beingrelational @CNN https://t.co/AzvxkrZQtN
ORANS9 months ago
Peace is impossible if we eliminate aid to fight poverty, starvation & disease? Dangerous policy... https://t.co/UfJTkIiASA @RepBarbaraLee https://t.co/HEOuLQG2cN
ORANS9 months ago
Pope Francis, in Egypt, Delivers a Blunt Message on Violence and Religion https://t.co/hAkZQqefw0 https://t.co/SFekrz49OW
ORANS9 months ago
Haven't we learned war is not the answer - U.S. general wants thousands more troops to break Afghan stalemate https://t.co/pqMmOeUlQZ https://t.co/dx8njFcAvr
ORANS9 months ago
This is good stuff from Josh Geltzer, an Obama CT staffer who was asked to serve a few months in Trump Admin https://t.co/cLsP1Sat28 @cnn https://t.co/u152un0vgZ
ORANS9 months ago
For all interested in how #America uses #war #power - we want to share with you https://t.co/fleQp3ZbOv

#RepealAUMF Committ to #nonviolence https://t.co/GEUorYhhe1
ORANS9 months ago
U.S. Catholics: Write your bishop to encourage his support of active nonviolence https://t.co/inH8W9rDh8 via @RMBerger https://t.co/fdcF9ER03q
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