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Police Acting Like Soldiers – No-Knock Is No Good

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A recent article in the New York Times begins with the following recount of a drug raid in a small Appalachian town: “At 2:15 on a moonless night in May 2014, 10 officers rolled up a driveway in an armored Humvee, three of them poised to leap off the running boards. They carried Colt submachine […]

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Effects of the Raid in Yemen: Commiting to Nonviolent National Security

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As the situation in Yemen unfolds and more information comes out, it is clear – Killing the family of “bad guys” just to “collect intelligence” is immoral. We need to Commit to #Nonviolence. How can we justify this kind of action when there are countless other ways to gather intelligence and thwart terrorists? Just because we […]

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Baltimore Police: An Opportunity to Commit to Nonviolence- Let’s Do It!

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Baltimore City recently reached an agreement with the Department of Justice to reform the Baltimore City Police Department.  The decree comes after a yearlong civil rights investigation revealed “widespread racial bias, use of excessive force, repeated patterns of unconstitutional arrests and hostility towards women and LGBT civilians, as well as other civil rights violations.” Under […]

Spread the Love!

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Being clear might be boiled down to the old adage, “Honesty is the best policy,” but is it really that simple? It’s all about transparency. When you’re clear about who you are, you’ll find that your interactions with others will improve! Read more about one woman’s experience with being clear here!

Improving Your Interaction With A Friend Who Is Suffering

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It’s tricky talking with someone who you know who has just experienced a life-altering tragedy or loss.  They may have suddenly lost a family member or members, had a horrible accident, or found out they have a serious disease.  Coming to an interaction with someone who is suffering calls you to be relational.  You may […]

The Thanksgiving Elephant in the Room!

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This Thanksgiving there will probably be a Turkey in the room- but there might also be an Elephant too. Thanksgiving is traditionally a day spent connecting with families and loved ones. But this past week has been a stressful one for our interactions. People on both side of the political spectrum are processing the results of a […]

Being Clear- Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Lying and Deception

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Lying can be a slippery slope. One deception can lead to another. It’s science. According to a recent New York Times article, “people who tell small, self-serving lies are likely to progress to bigger falsehoods, and over time, the brain appears to adapt to the dishonesty.”  At ORANS, it’s affirming to hear that science is […]