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Before Escalating War, Repeal AUMF

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According to CNN, “the Trump Administration’s deployment of additional US troops to Iraq and Syria – and the prospect of increased operations in Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East- will ramp up pressure on Congress to formally authorize the war against ISIS, according to lawmakers pushing for action on Capitol Hill.”  But before escalating the […]

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Effects of the Raid in Yemen: Commiting to Nonviolent National Security

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As the situation in Yemen unfolds and more information comes out, it is clear – Killing the family of “bad guys” just to “collect intelligence” is immoral. We need to Commit to #Nonviolence. How can we justify this kind of action when there are countless other ways to gather intelligence and thwart terrorists? Just because we […]

Commit to Nonviolence – The Essence of #LiveORANS

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From ORANS founder, William Senft : For 2017 and this Martin Luther King holiday, the message below from Pope Francis says everything that I hope and pray for. It also sums up what Louise and I wanted to bring forth in our book, Being Relational. I believe that a Christian approach to life and conflict, particularly as […]

The Death of “Just War?”: We Don’t Need No More Trouble!

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You probably haven’t noticed, but there’s a secret hidden in what’s missing from your Facebook newsfeed. While you’re probably seeing a lot of posts about terrorism, fear, death, and, it seems, general world-wide chaos, there are likely fewer posts about one of our oldest and most damaging conflict resolution strategies: war. In a Medium article […]