Being Relational

The Seven Ways to Quality Interaction & Lasting Change
Louise Phipps Senft | William Senft

The Seven Ways of Being Relational focus both on what is good for you and what is good for others. The opportunity for you to be a Relational Leader is waiting for you to seize it and bring it to all interactions as your authentic leadership style. When you choose to engage relationally, shifts happen, impact occurs, people are more receptive to you and your ideas.


Start by Mastering the Ways to Quality Interaction

You have the power to change the quality of your interaction with others. You often meet others in a position of advantage or relative strength in relation to them, and with that strength comes the ability to influence how the interaction proceeds. Even if you find yourself in a situation where your posture in relation to another is equal or subordinate, you still can greatly influence how the interaction takes place by how you respond to that person.

How will you relate to the other person? How will you respond to how they relate to you?
In being relational, your first priority is to focus on the quality of the interaction with the other person.
Are you Engaged? Centered? Grounded? Clear? Mastering these ways will improve your ability to unlock solutions even in conflict with bitter enemies.

Being Relational Excerpts

Engaging is a deliberate act. It is an act of ease once practiced, but it is never habitual. It takes commitment to be engaged and live relationally.


The acknowledgment of another, pausing in your life to be fully with another even for a second, is such a simple act, yet it can take so much awareness and courage to do it.


What are your main sources of power? How do you use them?

What People are Saying:

Mickey Edwards

"This marvelous book identifies clear, effective steps that will make our relationships better and in the process lead to better outcomes for us all individually and collectively. I highly recommend it.” —Former Congressman Mickey Edwards (OK) and Vice President of the Aspen Institute

Bob Kerrey

“Human nature will seem less complicated after you put this book down.” —Bob Kerrey, managing director, Allen and Company, co-chair of Issue One Advisory Board, and former U.S. Senator and 35th Governor of Nebraska

James Kennedy

“Being Relational brings us back to the basics, but with tremendous nuance, outlining a series of simple, yet profound, principles that will most certainly lead you to greater success. A well thought-out tutorial that centers you on your true self, focusing on caring for others yet with effective intellectual honesty.” —James A.C. Kennedy, CEO, T. Rowe Price